The Must Do’s that only Video Marketing can Provide

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It happened again the other day. Someone reached out to me to translate their technology-based business story to consumers and investors. Their website was housed in an attractive enough frame, filled with trending words and a couple of nice stock photos. Yet, crowds were not knocking on their website door.

While it is true that compelling still photos can attract attention, video is the most effective media and key contributor to YouTube ranking as the No. 1 social media channel. Still, technology, software, financial institutions, various forms of health care, Internet companies — and yes the wolves of Wall Street — often rely on words alone.

In business, who wants to see a still photo with a caption as opposed to a video that clicks with them immediately? Everyone knows the story of The Three Little Pigs but did you know their names were Browny (dirty and lazy), Whitey (clever but greedy) and Blacky (nice and hardworking)? Remarkable facts and insights are shareable. So if there’s a business, there is a story to be told – visually. Every company has something that makes it unique and sets it apart. What remarkable and unknown facts can you share about your company, product or project in a video?

The Three Little Pigs is the ultimate hero’s journey. Who doesn’t want to be a hero? Who are the heroes in your company – the leaders responsible for your journey? Someone in the company can articulate the desired content marketing messages. Even without a designated spokesperson, there are solutions – whiteboard drawings and moving images with voice-over are two that come to mind.

A video shoot does not have to be complicated or expensive. Two angles are best when going into an edit. Two angles allow the story to be more compelling, easier told and used to cover hiccups/repetitions. Have your main camera up close and personal and a second one on the side, locked down on a tripod. Pay attention to the lighting. Nothing too severe.

Video clarifies your story and defines who you are, positions your company, product or project and demands attention in an interactive engaging matter. Ok so you’re not showing a wolf trying to blow down a house but with moving images, your message cuts through and makes it more believable. Have you ever watched a vacation slide show with beautiful scenery and no people in it? Who cares, right? But add in a video where someone is being chased by a wild animal in the woods and now you’re paying attention.

Your video can equally sell your business to consumers and to other businesses, shareholders, and help you raise money. Why is what you do unique and why should anyone recommend or use it? Video holds those answers. And, yes, video can translate your techno-speak into English by demonstrating what even the most intricate software, financial plans or medical services can do. Even a spread-sheet can come alive. It humanizes you and your product.

Videos are the perfect tool for all social and digital media — the single most important way of driving people to your website. Short pieces. A good rule is about 2 minutes –- 2 informative, motivating, and somehow emotional minutes – with messages that evoke emotion succinctly and provocatively.

So tell your story, clarify your messages, and make a personal connection that helps you build a relationship with your audience. Successful software, health care, social movements, sports, entertainment product and projects—along with most of the world’s top superstars and achievers– rely on video to take them to the bank. So can you.

From :03 gifs, to :30 ads, 2:00 presentations, Super Bowl commercials and entertaining/informative web series – it’s all about story. Check out and see how a complimentary visual marketing and communications plan can help you engage with you audiences in powerful new ways.

Here is an example of a video that tells my story and helps my audience to know exactly how I can help their business grow.

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