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About Rich

Emmy-nominated Rich Bornstein creates cutting-edge visual campaigns to establish and enhance brands while accelerating companies, products, and projects to their greatest potential. As Founder, Executive Producer and Creative Director of B Media, he creates sophisticated multi-platform and multi-media campaigns for entertainment, technology, health care, sports, non-profits, automotive, finance and many other industries.

Rich has worked with some of the biggest and best-known media brands throughout his career, from the Studios to independents, streaming and cable outlets, start-ups, and re-launches. His roster includes Disney, Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Adobe, Sundance, DirecTV, Apple TV, ESPN, CNBC, and History Channel, among many more.

He also did work for the diabetes community, which was featured for five years on the CNBC show D-Life TV and has been seen by an estimated 20 million people via digital media. His stories on Spectrum News One on celebrated Los Angeles venues and featured topics such as the oldest toy store in L.A., Kip’s Toys, and the famed Whisky A Go Go nightclub, which led to two local Emmy nominations.

Beginning his career as a sports reporter, he landed his first job with the Long Beach, California Press-Telegram. He also used his professional writing skills as a contributor for the iconic, well-known news magazines Time and Newsweek, among other publications.

He went on to join Warner Bros. Television in the publicity department. This led him to new opportunities with Paramount Pictures, where he was one of the heads of national feature film publicity, and also with the Samuel Goldwyn Company, where he served as the Head of Worldwide Marketing.

At Goldwyn, he led a number of Academy Award campaigns and introduced audiences to the now well-known Director Ang Lee, actor/director Sir Kenneth Branaugh, and director Anthony Minghella; all now Oscar winners and nominees.

Helping to usher in a new era of television, he strategically developed the campaign for the cutting-edge television series “American Gladiators,” which became the precursor to numerous copy-cat television shows that are still using his strategies today.

Prior to founding B Media, Rich was instrumental in launching Robert Redford’s now immensely successful Sundance TV.

Awards & Recognition

Received Emmy recognition for his work on the made-for-TV film “Promise,” while at Warner Bros.

Served as Head of Worldwide Marketing at Goldwyn. 

Recipient of the Maxwell Weinberg Publicist Showmanship Award.

Member of the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Television Academy.

Why Us

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We specialize in developing unique, individualized strategies, with years of experience working with some of the biggest and best-known media brands in the world.

We go to the core of your vision and pull out the strongest, most inspiring sides so you can build meaningful connections with your target audience.

We position and strengthen your brand to its fullest potential using unique, personalized branding strategies and provide you with real results in real time.

We use a variety of integrated methods and design techniques to understand our client’s vision and what they need throughout each stage of the process.

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