As Founder, Executive Producer and Creative Director of B Media, Richard Bornstein creates multi-platform and multi-media campaigns for entertainment, technology, health care, sports, non-profit, automotive, finance, and many other industries.

A small business jousting with giants trying to get your message heard, a mid-market company caught between the success of the past and the promise of the future, a Fortune 500 organization in need of a fresh set of eyes and ears to execute its market strategies, Mr. Bornstein produces sizzles, trailers, television commercials, promos, tribute reels, EPKs, and stunning stand-alone original content to enhance your efforts.

Clients include:

Disney. Warner Bros. Universal Studios. Adobe. Medtronic.  ESPN. Apple TV. DirecTV. Abbott, History Channel. CNBC. Spectrum News One.

Start-ups.  Streaming channels. Non-profit organizations. Health care.  

In his early career as a sports reporter, he worked for the Long Beach, California Press-Telegram and used his writing skills to produce content for the iconic news magazines Time and Newsweek.

Joining Warner Bros. Television in the publicity department altered his career trajectory and jettisoned him to stints at Paramount Pictures, where he served as head of national feature film publicity, and the Samuel Goldwyn Company, where he served as Head of Worldwide Marketing. At Goldwyn, he spearheaded a number of Academy Award campaigns and introduced audiences to the then unknown talents including director Ang Lee, actor/director Kenneth Branagh, and director Anthony Minghella – all soon-to-be Oscar winners and nominees.

Helping to usher in a era of television, he formulated the campaign for the ground-breaking television series “American Gladiators,” the precursor to numerous copy-cat shows still dotting the landscape today.

As a lead consultant for Robert Redford’s Sundance Channel, he was instrumental in providing framework for today’s highly regarded television destination, leading efforts to raise global awareness and the channel’s unique identity through innovative marketing-communications campaigns.



-Recipient of the Maxwell Weinberg Publicist Showmanship Award

-Member of the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences

-Member of the Television Academy.

-Recipient of two local Emmy nominations for his work on Spectrum News 1’s “SoCal Scene.”

-UC Santa Barbara graduate



David Gaudio has worked for over fifteen years in editing for promotional content. His experience includes work for Disney, where he edited and formatted over one hundred feature films for their syndicated television premieres, collaborating with such well-known directors as Peter Weir, Curtis Hanson, Garry Marshall, Peter Bogdanovich and many others. He also produced and edited all trailers of these titles for Disney syndication.

David has edited dozens of feature film trailers for a variety of distribution companies, including HAPPYTHANKYOUMOREPLEASE and A COMMON MAN for Myriad Pictures, A BAG OF HAMMERS and THE LAST RITES OF JOE MAY for Maya Entertainment, and LOWER LEARNING for Anchor Bay Entertainment.
His feature editing work includes THE INNER CIRCLE starring Michael O’Keefe and Beth Broderick. David formatted Comedy Central’s SOUTH PARK animated series for syndication, along with RENO 911! and CHAPPELLE’S SHOW; all for Debmar-Mercury. Additionally for D-M, he’s cut many promos of feature films from their Revolution Studios library, including THE WATER HORSE and NEXT.

He has also been a main promo editor for series such as MGM-TV’s STARGATE UNIVERSE, and several series for Program Partners such as DA VINCI’S INQUEST, COLD SQUAD, and the popular DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION.
He has completed the first four seasons of promos for MGM-TV’s hit daytime courtroom reality show, LAUREN LAKE’S PATERNITY COURT, editing over five hundred episodic promos, and is now working on season five.